Intelligent Sales Software - The Missing Link

If you look at the landscape of business software you will find all kinds of specialized tools for Marketing, Finance, HR, and other departments that help them plan and carry out various campaigns and strategies. Unfortunately for sales teams - software hasn’t advanced much since traditional CRM was introduced more than two decades ago.

Sales Software Gap

This is where Interloop comes in. Our team is working on building the world's first Intelligent Sales platform. This platform goes way beyond the traditional capabilities of CRM and focuses on improving sales effectiveness rather than just on collecting data.

Here are just a few of the awesome things that sales intelligence software such as Interloop can help you accomplish.

  1. Prospecting and qualifying to fill your pipeline
    Sales opportunities don’t just happen. The entire organization needs to focus on identifying opportunities with both new and existing customers. To do this effectively, users need tools like help them prospect across industry lists, social media, email, and telephone conversation.

  2. Managing time and effort through predictive scoring
    So you've got a full pipeline with lots of leads - who do you contact first? If you're using traditional crm, you might just blindly begin contacting propects. Interloop helps score prospects based on factors that matter to your organization allowing you to prioritize your interactions and turn more leads into opportunities.

  3. Track Interactions as they occur
    Interloop is a zero-input CRM allowing you to focus on selling rather than data entry. Interloop automatically logs and archives emails, calls, texts, tweets, and other interactions in real time so you are always up to date on what has occured with a lead.

  4. Opportunity and account management for optimal execution
    Once you have prospects, and opportunities identified - you need to make sure that you are executing on a proven sales methodology rather than just "shooting from the hip" as many sales professionals do. Interloop provides intelligent suggestions for content, follow-ups, and other actions that help ensure the highest rate of success.

  5. On Demand analytics to keep your sales in cadence and help your team continually improve
    Waiting on reports creates a retro-active mindset. With analytics - you can monitor sales campaigns as they are happening allowing proactive changes to ensure that you consistently hit your numbers every time.

In a complex world where competition and marketing noise is at its highest, organizations need to leverage science and process to guarantee the highest probability of success. Interloop is built specifically for sales professionals to help them conquer the complex sale. If you would like to join us on our mission to empower sales teams - we'd love to hear from you.

Jordan Berry
Jordan Berry

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