The False Promise of Traditional CRM's

For most companies with a sales team, traditional CRM systems have been the go-to tool of choice to support sales efforts. 15+ years ago, storing information about customers in a central database was breakthrough but in today’s sales landscape is just having this information really enough to make a sales team successful?

In theory, even more modern CRM's are supposed help sales professional track leads, opportunities, tasks, follow-ups, and any other relevant information all in one place so this information can easily be shared across a team or organization. CRM should be another tool in a sales rep’s toolbox that allows them to hunt down, and close deals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In practice however, CRM tools often become bloated databases that sales people are forced into using so that managers can get ‘visibility' into what is going own across the team. They are often difficult to use, don’t mesh with the sales flow of a rep, and don’t provide the direct value that would drive a rep to use the tool without coercion.

This has turned sales professionals in to data-entry clerks and managers into report-creators who spend the majority of their time gathering information instead of focusing on what is truly important - planning, selling, and improving.

Sales Improvement over Data Entry

To truly be successful in sales takes an enormous amount of skill and understanding. Reps and Managers have to be very attuned to the value of their product or solution. They have to understand what would drive a prospect to engage with an organization. They have to understand what it takes to move this prospect though a sales cycle that could take a month or more and to navigate the multiple stakeholders involved in the busying decisions. They have to align sales goals with the larger company strategy. All while interacting with prospects and customers on a daily basis across many mediums, both physically and digitally.

To be successful in this complex environment, sales teams can’t be bogged down manually entering information at every step of the way. They need tools that need tools that seamlessly fit into their workflow and help them execute on their sales strategy rather than just provide a place to store contact information.

We have worked with hundreds of clients who have struggled to execute on a sales strategy. We believe that CRM tools just don’t provide the right toolset to allows sales people to effectively manage their time and close deals.

We are on a mission to solve this problem and make sales team more successful. If you would like to help us or find out more about how Interloop can help your organization, let us know at .

Jordan Berry
Jordan Berry

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